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Spiritual Reading of the Day: Rumi on staying awake in the darkness
More Spiritual Readings
Today's Poem: Human Wisdom by Charles Peguy
More poems for Poetry Month

Current E-Courses
Walking on Sacred Earth: Awakening to Intimacy with the Natural World with Nancy Rowe
A Path into Divine Love: Celebrating 30 Years of Grace & Gratitude (e-course series on contemplative living)


Now Available for Streaming: Hide Your Smiling Faces
Naming the Days: Earth Day

Spiritual Literacy Blog: Locked Up and Locked Out
Body Spirituality Blog: The Multi-talented Tongue

Easter: Resurrection as a Spiritual Practice

The Gifts of Good Friday: Compassion and Mercy
Now in Theaters: Bears, Fading Gigolo, Heaven Is for Real, Transcendence

Praying the News: About Heaven
Now on DVD: Philomena, The Invisible Woman, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

New in Books: beauty, city, understanding, change, prayer, mysticism, Islam, grace, values, goddesses, yoga, dignity

Now in Theaters: Draft Day, Only Lovers Left Alive, Hank & Asha, Hateship Loveship, Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence

Naming the Days: Teilhard de Chardin Day

Spiritual Literacy Blog: The Many Sides of Regret
Naming the Days: Birthday of Paul Robeson

Now on DVD: August: Osage County, Everyday

Spiritual Literacy Blog: UN Report on Climate Change
Praying the News: Prayer about Climate Change

Naming the Days: Birthday of Ram Dass

Naming the Days: Golden Rule Day

Spiritual Literacy Blog: What It Takes to Say "Yes" to Life
New Movie Reviews: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa; Under the Skin; Nymphomaniac, Vol. 11

Praying the News: Gratitude for Internet Creators and Curators
Now on DVD: At Middleton, Camille Claudel 1915
Naming the Days: April Fool's Day

Spiritual Literacy Blog: Books Clubs as Transfusion Centers

Body Spirituality: Praise for my Kidneys
Now in Theaters: Big Men, Cesar Chavez, Noah

Mary Ann Brussat and Rami Shapiro Radio Conversation: Listen to the podcast
Naming the Days: Meister Eckhart Day

Naming the Days: Walt Whitman Day
Praying the News: For Sentenced Antiwar Activists
Spiritual Literacy Blog: Needed: Sacred Spaces Everywhere

The Ritual Space: Test Tubes of Love
Naming the Days: Birthday of Flannery O'Connor
Now on Blu-Ray/DVD: The Great Beauty, The Past, Tess, The Wolf of Wall Street

Naming the Days: Oscar Romero Day

World Water Day: Pray, Study, and Act for Clean Water

Now in Theaters: Divergent, Finding Vivian Maier, The French Minister, The Missing Picture, Nymphomaniac

Naming the Days: Feast Day of St. Cuthbert
Happy Spring: 12 Ways to Inaugurate the Season

New Directors/New Films Festival: Read our reviews
Naming the Days: Birthday of Sir Richard Burton

Now on DVD: American Hustle, Frozen, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Saving Mr. Banks, Yogawoman

The Ritual Space: Gratitude Ritual
Praying the News: Discernment by Baby Boomers
Naming the Days: St. Patrick's Day

Naming the Days: Purim

Praying the News: Gratitude for All People Who Have Good Values
Now in Theaters: Bad Words, The Cold Lands, Le Week-End, Teenage
Naming the Days: Birthday of Albert Einstein

Civility & Spirituality Mussar Practices

Now on DVD: The Broken Circle Breakdown, Inside Llewyn Davis, Out of the Furnace, The Patience Stone

Premiering tonight: Global Spirit: Stories to Remember

Happy 91st Birthday to Fr. Thomas Keating
Praying the News: For Those Whose Jobs Are Disappearing
Now in Theaters: The Face of Love, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Honey

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema: See our reviews
Naming the Days: Jean-Pierre de Caussade Day

Ash Wednesday: Edward Hays on ways to mark the beginning of Lent
Naming the Days: Birthday of Karl Rahner

Now on DVD: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 12 Years a Slave

Praying the News: For Fish of the World in Peril
Spiritual Literacy Blog: In Praise of Failures and Mediocrities

Naming the Days: Birthday of Dr. Seuss

Happy 75th Birthday to Parker Palmer
Now in Theaters: The Lunchbox, The Wind Rises

Praying the News: Thanks for Landmine Removers

Now on DVD: Blue is the Warmest Color, Gravity, Nebraska, People of a Feather, You Will Be My Son

Now in Theaters: Kids for Cash, Omar

Opening Today: Child's Pose
Praying the News: Those Facing a Retirement Crisis

New on DVD: Afternoon Delight, The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, Jodhaa Akbar, Zaytoun
Naming the Days: Birthday of Sri Ramakrishna
Naming the Days: Birthday of Nikos Kazantzakis

New in Books: work, procrastination, mindfulness, remembering, virtues, stress, happiness, awe, courage, a friendly universe
Spiritual Literacy Blog: Making TV a Part of Our Lives

Now in Theaters: Child's Pose, Le Week-End, Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian
Valentine's Day: Practicing Love

Praying the News: Gratitude for the Music of The Beatles

Now on DVD: All is Lost, Wadjda
Praying the News For Prisoners Returning Home
Naming the days: A. J. Muste Day

Naming the Days: Birthday of Martin Buber

Now in Theaters: The Monuments Men

Praying the News: Quit Protecting Guns Before Protecting Children

Naming the Days: Birthday of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Body Spirituality Blog: Dealing with Headaches
Now on DVD: About Time, Cutie and the Boxer, Dallas Buyer's Club, Fill the Void, Mother of George

Praying the News: For the Sleep Deprived

Naming the Days: Groundhog Day, Candlemas, Imbolc

Naming the Days: World Interfaith Harmony Week

Now in Theaters: At MIddelton, Run & Jump, Old Goats, Labor Day, Tim's Vermeer
Naming the Days: Birthday of Thomas Merton

Naming the Days: Mohandas K. Gandhi Day

Praying the News: For Those Deported in 2012

Now on DVD: Rush; It's Better to Jump; Concussion; The Fifth Estate

Naming the Days: Birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Praying the News: Gratitude for Those Looking After Rivers

Naming the Days: Birthday of Henri J. M. Nouwen

Civility & Spirituality Blog: Cell Phone Abuse

Spiritual Literacy Blog: Learning to Be Ethical
Civitlity & Spirituality Blog: The Incivility of Being Late

Now on DVD: Blue Jasmine, Captain Phillips, In a World

Praying the News: A Prayer for Readers
Naming the Days: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

Seiki Jutsu

The Antidote to Energy Exhaustion

"I am exhausted and I just don't have as much energy as I used to have." Sound familiar? Well, here's good news: help is available by the Japanese healing art that works with the life force energy. The inimitable Bradford Keeney and his multi-talented wife and partner Hillary Keeney present an enthusiastic overview of the history, the basic ideas, and the daily practices of seiki jutsu. To begin, get soft and be spontaneous.

Read our review of Seiki Jutsu
Visit the Keeneys' YouTube channel to see examples of seiki practices.

Upcoming E-Courses

May 5 - May 30
Walking on Sacred EarthWalking on Sacred Earth: Awakening to Intimacy with the Natural World A four-week retreat on eco-spirituality designed to help you develop a respectful connection with Earth beginning in your own community. Participants will receive emails three times a week, plus video and audio messages, from Nancy Rowe, a teacher, writer, and leader of workshops on Earth-based spirituality and the power of the imagination. Through spiritual practices done outdoors, journal exercises, intentional walks, guided contemplative meditations, and watching videos of "moments of awe," this retreat invites you to experience nature as fully alive and spiritually radiant. Participants will also share stories about their encounters in the natural world in the online Practice Circle. May 5 - 30, 2014. Details here.

The Path into Divine LoveUnique Year-Long Program
A Path into Divine Love: Celebrating 30 Years of Grace & Gratitude
is designed as an opportunity to reboot and reinvigorate both individual and group practices. Four e-courses remain in the program plus a weekly Practice Group. Read more and sign up here.
A Portrait of Children's Spirituality

Heaven Is for Real Many children have spiritual experiences but are uneasy about talking about them. This means that parents, relatives, and friends of children need to show them that they cherish and respect their spirituality. The new movie Heaven Is For Real asks us to do just that.

Read our review of Heaven Is for Real
See our gallery of 12 Movies on Heaven, Angels, and the Afterlife.
See our "Praying the News" blog about Americans and their belief in heaven.
Read an interview with Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso on children's spirituality.
Read about our e-course, available on-demand, Practicing Spirituality with Children.
Sacred Poetry VI

Sacred Poetry 6 April is National Poetry Month in the U.S. when we salute and savor the sacred poetry of some of our favorite poets. We will present a new poem every day this month (linked from the "Updates" column to the left) for your pleasure and spiritual enrichment.
Poems for the month.
More collections of sacred poetry.
Reading Sacred Poetry

Reading Sacred Poetry In the clatter and clamor of our lives, we need ways to connect deeply with our souls. Whenever we feel depleted, our favorite poets invariably refresh and refuel us. They give us permission to feel, connect us to our yearnings, and remind us of the presence of God all around us. From our personal experience, we recommend reading sacred poetry as a spiritual practice.
Why we read sacred poetry.
Noah: From Judgment to Mercy

Noah Writer/director Darren Aronofsky's Noah is an imaginative and thought-provoking interpretation of the story of Noah and the Flood in the Hebrew Bible (Genesis 6 - 9). It's a Biblical epic such as we have not seen before with stunning visual effects and an action-packed storyline. It is an intimate drama about a good man, his wife and family, and the challenges they face trying to do right by each other. And it is a quest film in which the characters ask the big questions.
Read our review of Noah
Spring Book Bonus

Spring Book Bonus With spring comes the impulse for renewal and rebirth. For those of us on spiritual journeys, this is a good time to take up a new book and spend some time in reflection (preferably outdoors!) and study. We've picked out some of our current favorites.
See our recommendations.
12 Quotes on Devotion

Formal devotions are as varied as the traditions from which they spring. They can also be informal gestures with the simple recognition that everything is linked to the Divine.
See the gallery
See all the 12s galleries
Laughing as a Spiritual Practice

Laughing as a Spiritual Practice "Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God," according to theologian Karl Barth. How true. We include laughter under the spiritual practice of play, but we've found it so personally valuable on our spiritual journeys that we decided it needs its own "topic" page. We hope it makes you laugh.
See S&P's content about laughter including quotes, books, DVDs, excerpts, and practices.
Visit our Pinterest Humor board where we've pinned some cartoons and memes that make us laugh.
Elder Spirituality Resources

Elder Spirituality Resources Spirituality & Practice's Elder Spirituality Project began last year with four e-courses. In the next month, we'll be launching a new section of the website focusing on a variety of resources — books, films, quotes, spiritual practices — for and about elders. We are also now members of the Conscious Aging Alliance. To whet your appetite for what's to come, here are some resources on elder spirituality.
Read our review of Fruitful Aging: Finding the Gold in the Golden Years by Tom Pinkson
Read our review of Second Journeys: The Dance of Spirit in Later Life edited by Anthony Bolton
Consider one of our on-demand e-courses in the Elder Spirituality series
Learn about our partners in the Conscious Aging Alliance and look for events in the Calendar
Dealing with the Monday Morning Blues

Monday Blues Scientists have found people show biological signs of stress when they start anticipating the work week. We are convinced that regular spiritual practice is the best antidote to dealing with and then overcoming Monday Blues. Here are 10 suggestions.
Read spiritual practices for the blues at work
The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie Everybody's special. No matter who you are, you have your own gifts and talents. Everything is awesome in our world: things, activities, relationships, communities. These are messages of The Lego Movie, an immensely clever, creative, and zany animated parable about the spiritual practice of reverence!
Read our review of The Lego Movie
See 10 Reasons Why The Lego Movie Is an Awesome Spiritual Experience
The Ritual Space

The Ritual Space S&P Senior Editor Darren Polito found himself yearning for more rituals to mark life changes/situations/rites of passages, so he started a monthly Ritual Salon with a group of friends. In his new blog, he's sharing their experiences of bringing rituals more fully into daily life.
Read Welcome to The Ritual Space
Read about Getting Started
Spirituality & Practice Awards

Most Spiritually Literate Films Most Spiritually Literate Films. Every year, from the more than 300 films reviewed on this website, we choose the best ones that illustrate key spiritual ideas, stances, and practices and also provide windows into our world. See our lists of the Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2013
Best Spiritual Books. Every year from the more than 300 books we review on this website, we choose 50 Best Spiritual Books and 10 Best Spiritual Children's Books. See our list of the Best Spiritual Books of 2013
Living Spiritual Teachers

The Living Spiritual Teachers Project spotlights people from different religious and spiritual traditions we think you should meet on your spiritual journey. We now have profiles of more than 140 teachers and we are adding more all the time. The latest additions are an Interfaith minister and a ritual expert.
Meet Stephanie Dowrick
Meet Barbara Biziou
See a list of all the Living Spiritual Teachers
Remembering Pete Seeger

He was a singer/songwriter who inspired generations of folk singers. He was a activist whose songs became the soundtrack for countless demonstrations for social justice. He was an environmentalist, a lover of rivers, and someone who really believed that the land is our land. Pete Seeger died on January 27 at the grand old age of 94 but he's still asking us to sing along with him.
Read our Naming the Days feature on Pete Seeger
See a gallery of videos of Pete in performance and join him on seven of his classic songs.
Praying the News

Praying the News The daily news summons us to prayer. The people, situations, events, facts, and trends of our times call out for our compassion and God's healing presence. In this blog we will pray in a variety of forms as we lift up the needs of the world.
Pray about the news.
Circles of Support

Please remember S&P when you are feeling generous! Be part of our global circle of people vitally engaged with the wisdom and practices of the spiritual traditions, living deeper and fuller lives, and serving our communities and the wider world.
Make a gift today.
Spiritual Literacy DVDs

This six-volume DVD series, consisting of 26 meditative and soul-stirring half-hour films, is based on Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat's bestselling book Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life. Award-winning filmmaker David Cherniack has married aha! passages from all spiritual traditions to sense-luscious visuals and emotionally vibrant music.
Read more and get group resources
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